Brewers Draft: Five 2024 MLB Draft prospects that fit the Brewers mold perfectly

The Brewers tend to have a type
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5. Jurrangelo Cijntje, SHP, Mississippi State

That's not a typo, SHP, switch handed pitcher. Jurrangelo Cijntje is the most interesting player in the Draft due to his ability to pitch with both his left and right arms. The Brewers pitching lab is just tingling at the thought of adding Cijntje to the organization.

The Brewers actually tried to draft Cijntje before. They took him out of high school in the 18th round in 2022 but were unable to sign him and he made it to campus. They have a history and know this kid well, so we know he fits Milwaukee's mold.

From the left side, Cijntje throws in the low-90s. From the right side, he's in the mid-90s with his fastball. There's a ton of room to grow with his velocity and stuff, but his pure athleticism and velocity from both sides make him someone with a high floor that can thrive in any game situation. There's so much to develop and be excited about here.

For the Bulldogs this year, Cijntje had a 3.67 ERA in 16 starts over 90.2 IP with 113 strikeouts. He proved this year he could make it work pitching with both arms against top competition.

There's nothing more Brewers-like than this kind of pitcher. Of all the pitching projects the Brewers have taken on, this is would be the most fun. He'll likely be available at 17 overall, but it's unlikely he lasts to 34, so if the Brewers want their former 18th round pick, they will likely have to take him in the first round.