Brewers: Grading GM Matt Arnold's First Year On The Job

How has Matt Arnold done in his first year being the decision-maker in the Brewers front office?
mjs Stearns, spts, adp, 3 of 8 -  Matt Arnold speaks at press conference where it was announced that
mjs Stearns, spts, adp, 3 of 8 - Matt Arnold speaks at press conference where it was announced that / Angela Peterson / USA TODAY NETWORK
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MLB Draft: A

There was a clear change in philosophy with the Brewers in this year's MLB Draft. While the scouting director, Tod Johnson, makes the selections, the GM has a big say in what happens. We saw the Draft go in one direction under David Stearns, and the change to Arnold making the decisions was the only change made in the front office, which is the only explanation for why the Draft philosophy changed.

The Brewers did an excellent job in Arnold's first draft at the helm, gathering some blue chip talent and maximizing their bonus pool, finishing just $29 shy of hitting the 5% overage threshold. Selecting Brock Wilken in the 1st round gave the Crew the power hitting corner infield prospect they've been lacking in their system for years. He's a completely different type of hitter than they've targeted under Stearns, but still a very exciting player.

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Josh Knoth, a high school pitcher, also is a high-upside arm talent the Brewers took. Prep pitchers is a demographic they've generally avoided. Mike Boeve in the 2nd round is a pure contact hitter with some pop that brings some upside as well at a corner infield spot.

The blue chippers were selected on Day 2 though, taking high upside talents with Eric Bitonti in the 3rd round and then Cooper Pratt in the 6th round. Both were consensus 2nd round picks with some even pegging Pratt as a first round talent. These are exciting young hitters that Arnold brought into the organization.

Then on Day 3, the Brewers took a bunch of upside plays on high school picks that few expected them to actually sign, but the Brewers were smart with their available money and spread it out enough to sign several Day 3 picks, adding even more young talent to the farm system. The Brewers were one of the big winners of the Draft this year.