Brewers Looking To Solve Outfield Logjam By Moving Former First Rounder To Infield

The Brewers have had Sal Frelick learn a little second base this offseason
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Too many outfielders and not enough spots on the grass to play them. That's a "problem" the Brewers are facing with their current roster construction. Another problem is their infield, where they have few certainties and playing time is totally up for grabs.

One potential solution the Brewers are looking at is moving one of their young outfielders to the dirt. The outfielder they've chosen is Sal Frelick, their first round draft pick in 2021.

According to The Athletic, Sal Frelick has been working with Red Sox legend Dustin Pedroia about playing the infield. Pedroia began working with Frelick at the behest of Brewers manager Pat Murphy, who was Pedroia's coach at Arizona State back in the day.

Per the report, Frelick is preparing to play at both second base and third base, the two positions that have playing time up for grabs in Milwaukee.

Moving Sal Frelick to the infield would clear a position logjam and keep the best hitters in the Brewers lineup.

While it is currently unclear just how much the Brewers plan to play Frelick in the infield, adding that to his bag will obviously increase his value to the team. This is a franchise that highly values versatility and the ability to play multiple positions and if Frelick can play a solid infield, the Brewers are sitting pretty.

Frelick was one of the Crew's top prospects before graduating last season. He's well regarded as a hitter and had the highest graded hit tool of any prospect in the organization not named Jackson Chourio. His debut season last year was arguably the best of the big four freshmen.

Defensively, Frelick also grades out above-average in both range and throwing arm, so a position change is not being made because of poor defense. Typically, players move down the defensive spectrum because they aren't able to play at the level defensively they need to to stick at a spot. But Frelick can play a heck of an outfield and the move is being made more to keep him in the lineup amid several other strong offensive and defensive options on the grass.

If Frelick can take over an infield spot, that allows more ABs for Garrett Mitchell and Joey Wiemer in the outfield and solves a major question mark on this roster. Brice Turang didn't have a great debut season in 2023 and Frelick could split time with him there. At third base, it's an open competition between prospects Tyler Black and Joey Ortiz as well as incumbent Andruw Monasterio.

Christian Yelich, Jackson Chourio, Sal Frelick, and Garrett Mitchell are firmly among the Crew's nine best hitters and this may be the best way to keep all four in the lineup every single day.

Frelick's infield work could be a major story in Brewers camp and shake up what this lineup could look like going forward.