Brewers News: A Brewers 2022 Draft Pick Is Going Viral

2022 MLB Draft
2022 MLB Draft / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Towards the end of the 2022 MLB Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers made the most interesting selection of the entire event. In the 18th round, they selected a switch-hitting, switch-throwing two-way player out of high school named Jurrangelo Cjintje. He goes by the much more easy to pronounce nickname "Loo".

Cjintje has a rare athletic skillset, being able to pitch with both arms and reaching the upper 90s from the right side even. The Brewers were rightfully intrigued by the idea of developing him. Yet, he had a strong commitment to Mississippi State and the Brewers were unable to sign him.

Fast forward to now, the college baseball season has begun and Cjintje is a freshman for the Bulldogs. While some have heard of Cjintje's abilities, widespread video and decent camera angles were hard to find for the public. But he started a game for Mississippi State this week and the general baseball public was able to get their first look at the former Brewers draft pick.

Brewers 2022 18th round draft pick Jurrangelo Cjintje has gone viral for his switch-pitching start for Mississippi State.

Pitching Ninja was naturally among the first to post the video of Loo pitching both left-handed and right-handed, and he's gone viral on baseball Twitter from there.

It's amazing. It's beautiful. Of all the switch-pitchers in baseball history, which there are very few, possessing this kind of velocity with both arms is unseen. Pat Venditte is baseball's most recent switch-pitcher, and his fastballs topped out in the mid-80s. Cjintje is hitting upper 90s. Beside that, the movement and quality of stuff is just so good.

The Brewers found this player and took him in the Draft. They made a run at signing him. These videos could be coming from American Family Fields of Phoenix with Cjintje in a Brewers uniform instead of being at Mississippi State. Sometimes players just want to go to college and get that development experience and perhaps improve their draft stock and earnings potential. It was an 18th round flier the Brewers took.

Oh, and in this game that this video went viral from, Cjintje threw four shutout innings, allowed just one hit, and struck out seven on 75 pitches.

The Brewers will likely be kicking themselves that they weren't able to sign Cjintje when they had the chance. They may not have had much of a chance to sign him being that late anyway, but they'll have to wait another few years before they can draft him again. He'll be eligible next for the 2025 MLB Draft after his junior year, perhaps the Brewers can select him again and this time close the deal.

Until then, we'll likely continue to see Cjintje go viral every time he steps on the mound because he's such a rare talent and Brewers fans will have to be reminded of what they almost had in their organization.

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