Brewers News: Corbin Burnes Switches Representation To Scott Boras Agency

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Things are changing for Corbin Burnes. As he gets ready for another Opening Day start and the beginning of the 2023 season, Burnes has changed his representation.

Following an astounding loss in arbitration against the Brewers, Corbin Burnes has dumped his agency, CAA, who has represented him for years, and has signed on to be represented by Scott Boras.

Scott Boras is the famous sports agent who is renowned for taking his clients to free agency, foregoing extensions, and getting extremely wealthy contracts.

With Corbin Burnes now being represented by Scott Boras, what does this mean for his chances to remain with the Brewers beyond 2024?

Nothing measurably changes with the chances of Burnes signing an extension with Milwaukee. The chances were zero before and they're still zero afterward.

The bitterness of the arbitration hearing sunk any lingering hopes of a long term deal with the Cy Young winner. His relationship with the Brewers was damaged and unless that gets repaired and improved to even better than where it was before, a deal won't happen. Boras has had clients sign extensions before, but that's been entirely with players who preferred to sign an extension to stay where they're at. It doesn't seem like Burnes will fall into that category.

Burnes making a change in representation is likely more reflective of CAA's poor representation of him. They had a Cy Young winner that is arguably the best pitcher in baseball and they weren't able to win his arbitration hearing? How bad were their arguments that the Brewers were able to win? How poorly prepared was his agency?

Burnes' arbitration case should've been a slam dunk victory. Instead, he lost. While he'll more than make up that $740k when he hits free agency, it's fair for him to wonder if CAA was the agency that would be able to get him the most amount of money and be paid his true value. Boras, has a history of getting the big paydays for his client.

The Brewers have had a good relationship with Boras in the past and have signed several Boras clients as free agents over the years, including Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas. While Boras may be open to seeing what the Brewers have to offer in an extension and the Brewers can start anew with different representation for Burnes, unless the organization's views and internal valuation of Burnes change and they decide to make a legitimate push to actually sign him long term, talks will go nowhere if they happen at all.

Corbin Burnes is going to get paid a lot of money. It likely won't be from the Brewers, but his changing of representation is notable.

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