Brewers News: Top Prospects Among List Of Non-Roster Invitees To Spring Training

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The Milwaukee Brewers have officially announced more non-roster invitees to spring training, including several of their top minor league prospects. While more names could get added, the Brewers announced their initial roster of players that will be in big league camp when things get started in mid-February.

Currently, Milwaukee has a full 40 man roster. Some players are out of options, some will lose competitions for jobs and in turn lose their spot on the roster. Sometimes, they lose a competition with a player who was a non-roster invitee.

Non-roster invites get players who aren't on the 40 man roster an opportunity in spring training to be in big league camp and earn a spot. It's an uphill battle but one that can certainly be won.

The Milwaukee Brewers so far have 16 non-roster invitees to 2023 spring training, including several top prospects.

Among the new non-roster invitees are three of the Brewers top 10 prospects in pitcher Robert Gasser and outfielders Sal Frelick and Joey Wiemer.

With the spring training roster announced, here are the Milwaukee Brewers' non-roster invitees to spring training as of January 26th.


  • Alex Claudio - LHP
  • Lucas Erceg - RHP
  • Robert Gasser - LHP
  • Tyler Herb - RHP
  • J.C. Mejia - RHP
  • Tobias Myers - RHP
  • Thomas Pannone - LHP
  • Robert Stock - RHP
  • Thyiago Vieira - RHP


  • Sal Frelick
  • Joey Wiemer


  • Eddy Alvarez
  • Andruw Monasterio
  • Josh VanMeter


  • Alex Jackson
  • Brian Navarreto

There are a couple of familiar names on this list and the big ones are obviously Frelick, Wiemer, and Gasser. Frelick likely stands the best chance of the three to break camp with the club on Opening Day, but even he's said he expects to start the year in Triple-A. Everything will depend on what happens in camp.

Among the pitchers, there's a new name that isn't included in the roster initially released by the Brewers and that's Robert Stock. The Brewers signed the veteran Stock to a minors deal with an invite to big league camp shortly after the roster was released on Thursday.

Stock's fastball sits in the upper 90s and he's been playing overseas recently. He'll join the battle for bullpen spots in spring training.

Alex Claudio was previously a Brewer and the veteran has a chance to earn a spot since he's left handed and the Brewers lack left handed relief depth on their 40 man roster. That same chance applies to Thomas Pannone, who could earn a spot.

J.C. Mejia was on the 40 man roster last year but was suspended for PEDs and was DFAd but stayed in the organization.

Spring training is almost here. Perhaps a couple of these non-roster invitees can find their way on to the roster over the course of those six weeks.

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