Brewers: Nothing To Worry About With Latest Relocation Threat

The Brewers aren't going anywhere
San Francisco Giants v Milwaukee Brewers
San Francisco Giants v Milwaukee Brewers / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Here we go again. Rumors of threats by the Brewers to leave Milwaukee and relocate somewhere else are once again circulating thanks to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Back in May, the Brewers requested more state funding for the Stadium District to make necessary maintenance on American Family Field. The first threats of relocation happened back then, a deal didn't come together on funding, and now we're back to making more idle threats in order to spur action.

Is there anything actually different between then and now? No, there isn't.

All these reported possibilities of the Brewers leaving Milwaukee are not anything to worry about and we're a long ways away from any real chance the Brewers actually relocate.

According to Molly Beck's reporting, the Stadium District is broke and needs funding. The Brewers are "giving thought to leaving" because of that and the fact it could take years to make an actual move happen.

Also, she writes "[s]uch talk also could pressure state legislators to act."

Duh. That's all this is about. It's about putting more pressure on the state legislature to get a spending bill across so that the Brewers don't have to worry about it anymore and they can go ahead with their planned maintenance and improvements to the stadium.

They'll want a spending bill passed by the fall, so that they can get the work underway during the offseason and have the immediate improvements ready for the 2024 season. But if a deal isn't in place, are the Brewers going to leave? No, they aren't. They won't be happy and they'll still be talking like this until a spending bill and a lease extension are finalized, but we're nowhere near having to worry about this coming to fruition.

Eventually, the politicians will figure it out. Okay maybe "figure it out" is the wrong term. Eventually, they'll pass a spending plan for the stadium district, get the lease extension, and put all of this ridiculousness to bed.

The Brewers aren't moving anywhere. This isn't like the Oakland Athletics. This isn't like the Tampa Bay Rays. The Brewers want to stay, and Milwaukee wants them to stay.

They'll come together and get something done, but this is all posturing and leverage. The team is leveraging to get as much state money as possible and the state is leveraging to pay as little money as possible. Meet in the middle, save us all the time and trouble. But there is nothing to worry about with the Brewers relocating