Brewers Organization Skyrockets to No. 3 in MLB Pipeline Farm System Rankings

The 2023 draft, combined with the improvement of some other prospects, is causing the Brewers system to soar.
Jackson Chourio, SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game
Jackson Chourio, SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Brewers farm system came into the 2023 season ranked as the 15th best in baseball according to MLB Pipeline. That was a far cry from just a couple years ago when the site had the Crew's system ranked all the way down at No. 25.

Some savvy drafting in recent seasons that have produced players that leapt to the top of the Brewers' prospect rankings have helped in that regard. As have some key international signings whose development have also resulted in top end prospects (hello, Jackson Chourio).

But while the 2023 draft was widely regarded as a pretty successful one for Milwaukee, graduations of prospects like Brice Turang and Joey Wiemer left questions about where the Brewers' system might land in MLB Pipeline's recent midseason re-rank of the league's farm systems. Well apparently, the good outweighed the bad because the system is now considered one of the best in all of baseball.

In their recent midseason re-rank, MLB Pipeline rated the Milwaukee Brewers farm system as the third best in all of Major League Baseball.

That's right, the Brewers' farm system has improved so much that MLB Pipeline considers it the third best of 30 MLB teams, behind only those of the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates. Here is what they had to say in their recent article.

"This is the breakout system of the 2023 season. Chourio and Frelick were certainly notable Top 100 prospects, but they’ve now been joined by big jumpers Quero, Misiorowski and Black on that list. Quero and Misiorowski, in particular, have become Top 4 prospects at their respective positions, solidifying their statuses as Minor League names to know. Other nice steps forward by Robert Gasser, Carlos F. Rodriguez and Luis Lara have been supported further by a solid Draft class, including ACC all-time home-run king Brock Wilken and one of the steals of 2023 in sixth-rounder Cooper Pratt"

MLB Pipeline

Having the No. 2 prospect in all of baseball in outfielder Jackson Chourio, who is tearing it up in Double-A and still somehow not promoted yet, is a great start. Having four more Top 100 prospects in outfielder Sal Frelick, catcher Jeferson Quero, pitcher Jacob Misiorowski, and infielder Tyler Black helps as well.

Take a look at the rest of the top 30 and you will see why the farm system is so strong. Three other first rounders besides Frelick grace the list in Ethan Small ('19), Eric Brown Jr ('22), and Brock Wilken ('23). And joining Wilken are five other players from this year's most recent draft class.

The international presence is strong outside of Chourio and Quero as well with players like Carlos F. Rodriguez, Luis Lara, Abner Uribe, Daniel Guilarte, and Yophery Rodriguez all ranked among the top 15 Brewers prospects. Milwaukee has driven their farm system's improvement through all possible channels.

It's not often that a team like the Brewers, who have been competing for playoff spots for years now, are able to show such a drastic improvement in a farm system without having the benefit of high draft picks. Kudos to the front office for getting there in spite of it.