Brewers: Potential Willy Adames Extension Just Got More Complicated

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
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The Milwaukee Brewers have a number of different priorities on their offseason to-do list right now. There are positions that need added depth, some trades that need to be considered, and arbitration eligible players that will need contracts determined for 2023.

The Brewers also need to decide whether they will be offering contract extensions to any of their star players (perhaps with some of that extra Disney money). Of the three big extension candidates on the team in Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, and Willy Adames, the most likely to get one might be Adames.

All three players are very important to what the Brewers do, but starting pitchers who are aces in their prime command tons of money, which is what makes Adames the easier player to sign. Or at least that's what we thought....

Monday's news about another MLB shortstop's gigantic free agent deal makes a potential Willy Adames extension with the Brewers a bit more complicated.

This offseason opened with multiple talented shortstops looking for lucrative free agent deals, the most talented of which being former National and Dodger Trea Turner. On Monday, a team finally ponied up and signed him to a deal, and boy was it a doozy.

If anyone has earned a contract like that, it's Turner. The 29-year-old has reached the last two All-Star games, has finished at least 11th in NL MVP voting in each of the last four seasons, and has a bWAR of 3.0 or better in six of his eight major league seasons (the only ones lower were his 27-game rookie season and 59-game, Covid-shortened 2020 season).

That's quite a bit more pedigree than Adames. Though he has been one of the Brewers' best players since his arrival in 2021, he has played five years to Turner's eight and has yet to start compiling the type of accolades as Turner.

Adames has plenty going for him, though. At 27, he is in the prime of his career. He is also a power hitter, having reached 20+ homers in three of his five seasons, and plays a prime position. Young shortstops who are above average on offense will fetch plenty on the open market.

Unfortunately for the Brewers, as previously mentioned, there are other talented free agent shortstops who will continue to set the market. Carlos Correa (28), Xander Bogaerts (30), and Dansby Swanson (29), will all fetch hefty deals in the coming months.

So while Adames likely won't be getting Trea Turner money, he'll still end up earning a pretty penny. Whether the Brewers are the ones to pay him that money is now a more complicated question to answer.

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