Brewers Prospects: Grading the Debuts of the 2023 Draft Picks

How did the newly-drafted Brewers do in their first minor league action?
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While the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers made their push for an NL Central division title, the future of the Brewers organization was seeing their first action in several levels of minor league baseball.

Between June 9th and 11th, the Brewers selected 21 players to be a part of their organization. 18 of these 21 players would sign with Milwaukee, with Jacob Gholston, Dylan Watts, and Isaac Morton opting to honor their college commitments over turning professional out of high school.

With a few of Milwaukee's draft picks, they decided to express caution and push their debuts back to the 2024 season. All nine of the players who didn't debut in 2023 are pitchers, and due to a mix of injuries, a high amount of innings thrown in the season already, and other factors, the Brewers held these players out of the minor league season.

Draft picks who will have to wait until next year to debut include Josh Knoth (CB-A.33), Jason Woodward (4.119), Ryan Birchard (5.155), Mark Manfredi (9.272), Bishop Letson (11.332), Bjorn Johnson (12.362), Brett Wichrowski (13.292), Hayden Robinson (14.422), and Justin Chambers (20.602).