Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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The Milwaukee Brewers place a high importance on continued long-term success. They want to avoid lengthy rebuild processes and in order to do that and stay competitive, they need young talent to continue to come up and perform. Young players are in some ways more important to the team than the veterans who have played at the big league level for years.

We've seen a youth movement at the big league level this year as some of the prospects the Brewers have been accumulating are finally ready for The Show. Brice Turang and Joey Wiemer have been mainstays in Milwaukee's lineup and Garrett Mitchell was as well prior to going down with a shoulder injury.

Those three are some of the most important players for the franchise right now. They're young, they're under control for several years, and they're extremely talented. They aren't the only ones.

Which young Brewers are the most important to the franchise? We're going to look at the 10 most important players age 25 or under.

#10: RHP Jacob Misiorowski

The Brewers farm system currently possesses little in the way of high upside arms. They have several pitchers that they do well with developing that they can turn into big leaguers and perhaps middle-back end rotation arms, which is great. But they lack arms with the upside of a potential ace.

The big league rotation currently is comprised of multiple guys with ace-level talent and ability. Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, and Freddy Peralta are all co-aces on the staff. Much of Milwaukee's success the past several years has been predicated on the strength of their rotation.

However, the Brewers could very soon be without two of those three pitchers. Burnes and Woodruff are free agents after the 2024 season. Neither is extremely likely to sign an extension with Milwaukee, especially Burnes. Once they go, someone will need to take their place. The only pitching prospect they have with the potential to fill the very big shoes that will be left behind is Jacob Misiorowski. He can fill those shoes easily standing at 6'7" tall.

Misiorowski can throw in the triple digits and if he harnesses his command and a third pitch, he can stick in the rotation and be a dominant force for years to come. There's high reliever risk with Misiorowski which is what makes his development extremely important for the Brewers. In order for this rotation to remain a strength after Burnes and Woodruff are gone, Misiorowski will need to be able to step into their role.

Even if Misiorowski is unable to remain in the rotation, his stuff will play incredibly well out of the bullpen, where he could be a closer. In a few years, Devin Williams will be seeking to get paid and he may end up facing the same fate as Josh Hader and then the Brewers will need to find their next dominant closer and that could be another role for Misiorowski.