Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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#1: OF Jackson Chourio

The No. 1 most important young player to the Brewers future is the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball and the youngest player on this list. Jackson Chourio has taken baseball by storm over the past year, going from a not completely unknown but a non-Top 100 prospect to becoming the single most exciting prospect in baseball.

The tool set is remarkable. Chourio has lightning quick hands, explosive power, and excellent speed. Despite signing as a shortstop, Chourio was quickly moved to centerfield where he's been an excellent defender, even if a little raw. It's hard to blame him for that since he's just 19 years old. He tormented the Low-A Carolina League, then moved up to High-A midseason and showed no signs of slowing down. He's already at Double-A.

Chourio's feel for hitting and ability to hit for both average and power make him a bona fide future All Star and MVP candidate. If he reaches his ceiling and ends up as advertised, the Brewers will have their next MVP on their hands. This is the first time the Brewers have ever had the top minor league prospect in the history of Baseball America's rankings.

If the Brewers want to win a World Series, and they do, they need someone with the ceiling of Jackson Chourio. Look what Ronald Acuna has done for the Braves, or Juan Soto when he was with the Nationals. Look at Yordan Alvarez for the Astros. It takes a lot of things going right for a team to win the World Series, and what really helps is having a stud, superstar, all around talent in the heart of the lineup. That's what Jackson Chourio can be. It also doesn't hurt to surround him with other great young talents like Mitchell, Frelick, Turang, etc.

Milwaukee's World Series hopes going forward will likely rest on how Jackson Chourio develops and establishes himself in the majors. There's a slim chance we could see him in Milwaukee late in 2023, but most likely the Chourio Era will begin in 2024.

The Brewers could have some really good teams in the future if everyone else on this list works out as hoped, but Chourio has the potential to take the Brewers from a good team to a great team and that makes him the most important young player to the future of this franchise.

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