Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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#9: LHP Robert Gasser

The sole remaining original piece of the Josh Hader trade, Robert Gasser is a crucial player for the Brewers organization. Gasser was the true prize the Brewers targeted in that deal and they feel he is a surefire starting pitcher that is going to be an important part of their rotation in the years to come.

The Hader trade was a defining moment for this front office and organization. Despite being in first place, they traded their All Star closer for prospects and ended up missing the playoffs. The Brewers told fans that the trade was about staying competitive in the long term and that sometimes that meant unusual trades like the Hader deal were necessary. While that may be true, that leaves a lot of pressure on Gasser to live up to his potential.

Gasser is likely not an ace in the big leagues, settling in closer to a No. 3 or No. 4 starter. He has a full arsenal of pitches, mixes them well, and knows how to spin the ball.

As previously mentioned with Misiorowski, the starting rotation is going to have some big openings coming up. Gasser is in a more immediate position to be able to fill a spot than Misiorowski, which places him one spot higher on this ranking. While the Brewers have some solid starting pitching depth right now, Gasser is really the only one within striking distance of a big league call up that has the potential to hold down a spot long term.