Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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#7: OF Joey Wiemer

Joey Wiemer has found himself thrust into an everyday role for the Brewers as injuries ravaged Milwaukee early this season. Wiemer didn't make the Opening Day roster this year but was called up the day after Opening Day when Luis Urias went down with an injury. Since then, Garrett Mitchell and Sal Frelick also got hurt and he's the lone remaining healthy big league ready outfield prospect Milwaukee has.

Wiemer has struggled at the plate as he gets his feet under him, but he's shown signs of figuring things out offensively. His speed and defense make him a positive contributor and an important piece already to this team.

The presence of Wiemer is why the Brewers felt comfortable trading a solid, productive right fielder last offseason in Hunter Renfroe. While Wiemer is currently playing the majority of his time in centerfield, his future is in right field. His strong throwing arm and immense home run power are tailor made for right and the Brewers have several excellent centerfield options when they're healthy.

Wiemer can be a perennial All-Star if he's able to reach his ceiling. His power and speed combination is quite rare, especially for a guy who typically plays a corner spot.

This is a crucial development time for Wiemer. He's undergoing a baptism by fire at the big league level. If he comes through this and hits his stride offensively, the Brewers will have a key part of their long-term outfield settled.

There are so many outfield prospects in the Brewers organization and it's yet to be determined how they will best align. They'll have more starting quality outfielders than spots available should everyone reach their potential. Who will end up on the outside looking in? Time will tell, but Wiemer essentially has the whole outfield to himself right now and he can earn quite a bit of job security.