Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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#4: OF Sal Frelick

If it weren't for an unfortunately timed thumb injury, we would be seeing Sal Frelick in the major leagues right now. While he'll return to the field in June, Sal Frelick is perhaps the most big league ready prospect the Brewers have that isn't already on the roster. He almost made the Opening Day roster and has dominated the upper levels of the minors.

The Brewers drafted Frelick in the 1st round of the 2021 MLB Draft. That was just two years ago and he's already stormed his way through the farm system.

Frelick represents a hopeful shift in the Brewers offense once he arrives. He's a pure contact hitter that doesn't strike out and won't hit for much power, but will put the ball in play and get on base a lot. His skill set is perfect for the leadoff spot in the order.

A true centerfielder, Frelick is an excellent defender. He has above-average speed and gets great reads on fly balls. His throwing arm is solid, although not as great as Wiemer's. His lack of power makes a corner outfield spot a tougher fit offensively, but with his on-base ability, just getting him into the lineup is the important thing. Plus, it's not as if he's a liability defensively if he were to be put in a corner spot.

Wiemer is getting his shot at locking down a starting outfield job right now with Frelick and Mitchell hurt. In about a month, Frelick will return and then he'll likely get a shot to lock down his job while Mitchell misses most of the season.

If Frelick is as advertised, the Brewers could have themselves a contender for a batting title on their hands. That makes his development and his health crucial for the organization's future. Their prior batting champion, Christian Yelich, hasn't been able to recapture that level of success. When Yelich was at that level, the Brewers made their deepest postseason run in franchise history. If he can't do it, someone has to, and Frelick can be that guy.