Brewers Rumors: 4 External Third Base Additions For Brewers To Consider

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Brewers third base target #2: Free agent Justin Turner

The Brewers have flirted with Justin Turner before. Heck, they more than flirted, they nearly got the deal done. Two years ago the Brewers were heavy on Justin Turner, at one point outbidding the Dodgers for him. Once the Dodgers matched Milwaukee's offer however, he went back to the place he's been for most of his career.

Now he's on the market once again, the Dodgers are looking more likely to move on, and the Brewers are once again interested. They just recently signed JD Martinez who projects to get a lot of DH at-bats that Turner was getting and would likely need if he were to return to LA. If the Dodgers are out, it'll be much easier for the Brewers to land Turner this time around.

Despite now being 38 years old, Turner is still a productive hitter. Last season he turned in a slash line of .278/.350/.438 with 13 homers and a 116 OPS+. Some of his home run power turned into doubles power last season, but the ability to turn on a fastball and make quality contact is clearly still there. Perhaps going from Dodger Stadium to American Family Field will help his power numbers tick back up a little bit.

Turner is likely going on a year-by-year basis at this point in his career, signing one year deal after one year deal until he decides to hang it up. The Brewers have a history of being willing to pay veterans on one year deals. There's not much risk in a one year contract for someone like Turner. If at the end of one year it looks like there's more in the tank, you can always re-sign him. If it looks like he doesn't have much left in the tank after one year, you can let him go.

Even though he's still a third baseman and the Brewers would be looking to have him play third base a majority of the time, Turner is likely to see a good amount of at-bats as the DH as he'll need some rest to maintain his body. This would still leave plenty of playing time for Luis Urias should the Brewers make this signing.

The Brewers could use another quality right-handed bat. Turner would be a solid one to get, even towards the end of his career.