Brewers Rumors: Not Done Yet? Matt Arnold Hints At More Trades To Come Before Deadline

The Mark Canha trade may not be the final move

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

When the Brewers completed the Mark Canha trade with the Mets on Monday, many Brewers fans assumed that this would be the final move Milwaukee made before the Trade Deadline. But that may not be the case.

It had been reported that the Brewers were seeking one more hitter after getting Carlos Santana a few days prior. Then they got one in Canha. So, is that it? Do the Brewers have more deals in the pipeline.

Let's ask Matt Arnold.

Brewers GM Matt Arnold hints that the team will look to complete some more trades ahead of Tuesday's Trade Deadline.

Following the Mark Canha trade, Brewers GM Matt Arnold offered this nugget about what his plans are for the rest of the trading season.

With less than a full day now until the Deadline, Matt Arnold still is looking to be actively involved in discussions across the league.

As he points out, the market is just now beginning to loosen up. The Canha trade was just the fourth trade of consequence involving position players. It opened some immediate floodgates as shortly after the Canha news broke, Jeimer Candelario went to the Cubs and AJ Pollock went to the Giants. There's still more hitters out there. There's also a lot more relievers.

We've only seen a trickle of trades so far. A ton of trade targets are still out there and a bunch are going to be on the move between now and 5 PM CT on Tuesday.

If Matt Arnold was done making moves, he would be resting back and not get as involved in the rest of the market. But he plans to be right in the middle of the action as the Deadline winds down.

Completing the Canha trade a day early gives the Brewers enough time to make some more moves without having to panic. Arnold's acquired two hitters to help the offense, which has been his primary goal coming into this Deadline. He's accomplished the biggest things on his to-do list, and now he can focus on the luxury items, such as swinging big for a top bat like Eloy Jimenez or grabbing an extra bullpen arm or two.

Whatever it is, Matt Arnold doesn't sound like he's done making moves to bolster this Brewers roster for the playoff push. This team could certainly use another productive hitter to strengthen the lineup. While Canha and Santana are certainly upgrades over some of the in-house options, they're relatively minor upgrades and there's room for more improvement to this team. We'll see what else Arnold is able to complete before the Deadline.

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