Brewers Rumors: Two Top NL Teams Have Had Trade Interest In Willy Adames

Willy Adames is entering his final year of arbitration before reaching free agency
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Brewers will enter an offseason with a lot of question marks, including the future of some of their top players that are entering their final year of team control in 2024.

It's become clear that the Brewers will not be coming to an agreement on contract extensions for players like Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames. Since they know they can't afford to keep them and there's just one year of team control left, is this the time for the Brewers to trade these players and get something in return for them while they can?

Other teams around the league are also well aware of the Brewers situation and they could be making calls to Milwaukee once again this winter on the Crew's shortstop.

According to Fansided's Robert Murray, both the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers called last year with interest in Brewers shortstop Willy Adames and they're likely to call again this offseason.

On the latest episode of The Baseball Insiders, Murray dives into the Brewers' situation and the number of questions facing them after another early postseason exit.

Murray mentions that it's a fact the Braves and Dodgers were interested in Adames before and the interest is going to be there again. Neither has a fully settled shortstop position after recent free agent departures and both could sign Adames to a long term deal to prevent him from reaching free agency next winter. This year's free agent class at shortstop is weak and the next high quality starter that will hit the market is Adames.

Murray even theorized that the Brewers could package Burnes and Adames together in order to get a better return since both players have just one year left under contract.

Moving both Burnes and Adames this offseason, especially in the same trade, would be sure to upset a large portion of the fanbase, no matter what the return is. But these are the questions that the Brewers are going to be faced with all winter long.

Adames is coming off a down year, so his trade value may not be as high as the Brewers would hope. He finished the season with a .217 average and .717 OPS with 24 homers. It was the lowest batting average and lowest OPS+ of his entire career. If Adames is going to get the big contract he wants, he'll need to be better in 2024.

The question is if he'll get a chance to do better next year in a Brewers uniform or with another team. There are clearly suitors out there, and pretty soon Matt Arnold's phone will be ringing quite often about Willy Adames.