Brewers: Sal Frelick Putting Himself In Rare Company With Hall Of Famer

Sal Frelick is doing things that aren't often done
Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers
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When you've joined a club that only has one player in it and that player is a Hall of Famer, you're doing something right. Sal Frelick is doing just that for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Of the Brewers prospects that have made their MLB debuts this year, Sal Frelick is the most hyped and most anticipated player to come through. After his first few games, he's backed up that hype.

It didn't take long for Frelick to impress, putting up one of the best debut performances of the year. Through his first three games, Frelick had five hits, including a home run, something only Hall of Famer Paul Molitor has done in franchise history. That isn't the only club that Frelick has joined Molitor in.

Sal Frelick's strong performance is continuing to put himself in the company of Brewers Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.

The production that Frelick has brought so quickly has not only been needed in an otherwise anemic Brewers offense, but it's been historic.

With Frelick's 4 RBI performance on Monday night, he reached 15 RBIs just 16 games into his career. That's a new Brewers franchise record for fewest games to 15 RBIs, breaking a record held by none other than Hall of Famer Paul Molitor. It took Molitor 19 games to reach that mark.

Frelick has also put together a 5 RBI game, which was within his first 12 games, joining another club that includes Molitor. There's also Brian Banks and Blake Perkins in that club, but that's three straight clubs that Frelick has joined that includes Paul Molitor, and two of them include only Paul Molitor.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that Frelick is going to have a career just like Molitor's, who went on to tally 3,000+ hits and make his way into the Hall of Fame, but he's on a similar pace to Molitor and that's a pretty good start. Given Frelick's clear bat-to-ball ability, that kind of career certainly can't be ruled out.

The Brewers have an excellent young player in Frelick. Eventually, they'll have to put him in the lineup against left handed pitchers despite the fact that he's a left handed hitter. He's put up strong numbers against lefties in the minors and if he continues to put himself in the company of Paul Molitor, he'll not only be playing everyday, but he'll be playing at a very high level.

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