Brewers Spring Training: When Do Brewers Pitchers And Catchers Report?

Angels of Anaheim v Milwaukee Brewers
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It's almost time for the four most magical words of the MLB Offseason: Pitchers and Catchers report. Once the pitchers and catchers report, spring training has officially begun, which means the offseason is over. We're not quite there yet, though.

Pitchers and catchers reporting will give us our first glimpse of the Milwaukee Brewers since we last saw them on October 5th, 2022. Some things have changed since then, and more might still change.

We'll once again hear the sounds of gloves popping, see pitchers throwing bullpen sessions, and players back in uniform at American Family Fields of Phoenix in sunny Arizona. That'll be followed by batting practice, the crack of the bat, cleats walking on dirt and on concrete, and the hope that a new season brings.

It's exciting just to think about.

When will Brewers pitchers and catchers report to 2023 spring training?

Brewers pitchers and catchers will officially report to spring training on February 16th.

The rest of the position players have to report by February 21st. Some of these position players will report prior to that, but all of them will have to be in camp by the 21st.

For players participating in the World Baseball Classic, they have earlier report dates. Pitchers and catchers in the WBC have to report by February 13th while the position players have to report by February 16th. The Brewers do have a number of players participating in the WBC this year, including Devin Williams, Rowdy Tellez, Luis Urias, and Abraham Toro.

This spring training will be especially important for the Brewers pitchers as they try to acquaint themselves with a new starting catcher. William Contreras is in while Omar Narvaez is out. Narvaez had a couple years of experience with Milwaukee's staff while Contreras is going to have to learn a whole new staff. The Brewers also plan to work on improving Contreras' defensive skills, making it a busy spring for Contreras.

The Brewers have their first Cactus League game on February 25th. That gives the pitchers nine whole days to begin their buildup process and get ready for game action.

Last year, with the lockout, spring training was abbreviated and the report dates for spring training were not decided until after the new CBA was agreed to, and those dates were made simply as quick as possible.

Opening Day is scheduled for March 30th, exactly six weeks after pitchers and catchers report. The Brewers open their 2023 season on the road against the Chicago Cubs.

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