Brewers: Top 10 Brewers Trade Targets To Track During The 2023 Season

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Potential Brewers trade target #5: LHP Sam Moll - Athletics

The Oakland Athletics are bad. They are a pathetically bad baseball team. They are the team from "Major League" in real life, except they aren't lucky enough to have Bob Uecker as their radio broadcaster. So they're even worse off than the "Major League" team. Their owner wants to move the team to Vegas and is sabotaging the roster to make it happen.

That said, there are still some good players on this team that can provide value to other clubs. Lefty reliever Sam Moll is one of them. He's a solid lefty out of the bullpen. He likely won't be in many high leverage spots if the Brewers were to acquire him, but he'd provide Craig Counsell with another southpaw.

The 31 year old still has several years of team control and he has a minor league option remaining. The Brewers love that kind of flexibility and long term control and Oakland will have just about everyone available for trade come July.

Keep an eye on Sam Moll as the Athletics sink toward the bottom and look to sell at the Deadline.

Potential Brewers trade target #6: RHP Brad Keller - Royals

Another potential starting rotation addition is Brad Keller. The Royals are not going to be competing for a playoff spot this year and Brad Keller is in his final year before free agency. He's been solid for them in the past but has struggled the past couple years. So far in 2023, Keller is off to a good start with a 3.00 ERA through four starts.

The Royals have been bad for most of Keller's big league career, which may have hurt some of his stats. Keller has added a curveball to his mix this season and the results have been good. It's now his second-most thrown pitch behind his fastball.

Perhaps the change to his pitch mix will intrigue the Brewers enough to look to acquire him. Again, like Alex Wood, this will depend on the Brewers rotation needs come July. If everyone is healthy, they likely won't look to acquire a starter, but if not, picking up another would be a good idea. We'll see if the new pitch mix continues to lead to good results for Keller as the season goes on, so definitely keep track of him.