Brewers TV Sportscaster Voted Part of Top Crew in Playoffs Over at Awful Announcing

The Crew's play-by-play man continues to get exposure on a national level.
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / John Fisher/GettyImages

For years, Milwaukee Brewers fans have been spoiled by some great sportscasting talent. That goes for the radio (Bob Uecker, need I say more?) as well as on television.

Since 2007, the Brewers television broadcast has been led by Brian Anderson (not to be confused with the third baseman). He has usually joined over the years by former Milwaukee catcher Bill Schroeder, a combo that has led to an always entertaining and informative watch.

Much of Anderson's work just before joining the Brewers was in the golf and basketball worlds, though he did have baseball experience prior to that. Being put into even more of a spotlight, it didn't take long for the national networks to desire his services as well.

Anderson now does a bunch of other work outside of his duties with the Brewers such as the NCAA March Madness tournament, regular season and playoff NBA basketball, and his current gig, which is calling part of the MLB playoffs.

With baseball's postseason down to the league championship series, the website Awful Announcing, as they often do for multiple sports at different times of year, decided to have their readers rank the playoff announcing teams on the different channels. In what is sure to be no surprise to Brewers fans, Anderson did as well as could be expected.

The TV duo led by Brewers announcer Brian Anderson was ranked the top crew in the playoffs over at Awful Announcing.

Anderson is exactly what you want in a TV play-by-play announcer. He informs the viewer in the right way, is serious when necessary but can bring the right lightheartedness as well, and brings just the right excitedness when the moment calls for it.

Again, Brewers fans have been aware of this for years. But it's still great to see that baseball fans around the country are noticing this as well. Awful Announcing had their readers assign a letter grade (A-F) to each of the eight announcing crews that they ranked and Anderson's crew was the only one to receive a majority of A's by readers.

Of course, Anderson doesn't call games alone and it helps that he has a talented partner. Joining him has been former Braves player and current Braves analyst Jeff Francoeur who has been a part of Atlanta broadcasts since 2017.

Anderson has been working national gigs during the regular season as well in recent years and that has allowed some other talented play-by-play announcers to get some time on screen as well. Wisconsin Badgers announcer Matt Lepay filled in for some games mostly in the late 2010s while Jeff Levering has bounced between Brewers radio and TV since 2022.

It's unfortunate to have to watch a sports broadcast on TV that has poor announcers. Luckily, Brewers fans haven't had to experience anything like that in years.