Brewers Twitter Reacts To Crew Hiring Pat Murphy As Manager

The Brewers new manager drew some passionate responses on social media
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After 40 years of coaching baseball, Pat Murphy will finally get his first chance to take the reins as a full season Major League Baseball manager. It’s not a surprising move. And while it’s a safe and convenient move, it doesn’t appear people are upset about him being the Milwaukee Brewers new manager.

It’s been a long journey for Murphy. From Mayville College to eventually head coach at Notre Dame and Arizona State. He was with the San Diego Padres between 2010 and 2015, and even had a small stint as interim manager. He’s been with Milwaukee since after that season.

The Brewers believe that Murphy is the answer right now. By all accounts, he is beloved by the organization, fellow coaches and players. Fans have often been a fan of him as well. You would often see Pat barking from the dugout at the umpires and players, and is known for giving people a hard time in a loving manor. Fans were onboard with his line ups whenever he filled in for Counsell too. It’s not a move that is going to make a big splash or change for the Brewers, but it could be the right move for the team right now.

If anything, fans can count on more ejections from Murphy, which will be entertaining in itself. Reactions, as expected, were all over the board after the announcement on Monday night.

Brewers Fans Negative Reactions to Pat Murphy Hiring

You are never going to please everyone. There are a lot of Brewers fans out there that wanted a fresh start or new eyes on the team and organization. That is fair, and something that happens down the line. Here are a few of the negative reactions on Twitter after the announcement.

It’s always best to ignore anything on the Milwaukee Brewers Facebook groups. This person also tried claiming he shouldn’t be hired because of his record. Well, his record while on the Padres was 42-54. That isn’t great, but not terrible either.

Bud Black was hired in June, Dave Roberts took over for a game, and then Murphy was coach the rest of the year. The team went 74-88 that year and 4th in their division. James Shields was their best pitcher that year. And besides Yonder Alonso, Matt Kemp and Justin Upton, they didn’t have much going for them that year. The 2015 Padres also included Brewers legends Jedd Gyorko, Will Middlebrooks, Cory Spangenberg and Colin Rea.

This topic has been brought up by quite a few people. There was some controversy around Murphy and ASU, but when it comes to him and players, there isn’t really any solid proof or former players coming out against him. By all accounts, he's loved by the players in the Brewers clubhouse.

This person is based in St. Louis and probably a Cardinals fan, so can we really trust what they say?

This one is ridiculous. Hiring Pat Murphy is not some vast conspiracy to have the team moved or have them fail. If that was the case, they would have hired Ted Lasso and then eventually learn to love the Lasso way and be winners anyway.

Brewer’s Fans Positive Reactions to Murphy Hiring

I probably fell into this camp when the news first broke. Pat Murphy makes sense, he’s earned it and the easiest option. I hope he does well. If the players, coaches and Brewers organization like him, he must be doing something right. I am excited to see what he can do, which was a huge consensus with Brewers fans. Here are just a few examples.

Brewers legend Erik Kratz says it all. He is a former player and worked with Pat Murphy. With these types of hires, the opinion of current and former players matter. If a coach is respected by the players, it makes a huge difference. It's better than starting with someone fresh who could butt heads with a lot of younger players on the roster

Brewers fans should be happy they at least have a manager the players will like and respect. We all know how it went with Ken Macha. Some players are still tweeting about it and talking about his tenure with the team.

The reactions are overwhelmingly positive or accepting of it, which is good. If you throw away the Facebook groups and Reddit trolls, you see that most of the normal folks think it's a solid hire. There is a lot of work to be done with the team. But, whatever roster is filled by Matt Arnold and the front office for the 2024 season, you know their skipper will be behind them.

And will probably create some epic content with his ejections and emotions starting next March.