Brewers: What Is The Brewers 2023 MLB Draft Bonus Pool Allotment And Pick Values?

Milwaukee's in the top half of the league with their Draft Bonus Pool total

Jul 17, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA;  Rob Manfred, commissioner of Major League Baseball speaks at
Jul 17, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Rob Manfred, commissioner of Major League Baseball speaks at / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 MLB Draft is upon us and the Milwaukee Brewers are set to add several new players to the organization. The Draft begins on July 9th and continues through July 11th.

MLB's Draft setup gives teams an allotted pool of money for signing bonuses to give to their draft picks. The amount of money for each pick is slotted according to where it is in the draft order and each team's slots for each pick in the top 10 rounds is then added up and that makes up a team's Bonus Pool for the Draft. The higher your selections, the more money available.

The Brewers hold the 18th overall pick in the 1st round, plus a selection in Competitive Balance Round A, the 33rd overall pick. That extra pick helps give the Brewers a bigger bonus pool.

How much money do the Brewers have in their 2023 MLB Draft Bonus Pool?

Brewers 2023 MLB Draft Bonus Pool: $10,950,600

The Milwaukee Brewers bonus pool is just shy of $11 million. It's the 12th-highest bonus pool in this year's Draft despite 17 teams selecting higher than them. That's where the Comp A pick makes a difference.

The Brewers first round pick at 18 overall carries a slot value of $4,021,400. Their Comp A pick at 33 has a $2,543,800 slot value. That's half their bonus pool in just the first two selections.

Keep in mind, the Brewers don't have to spend the full slot value for each pick. The values are just recommendations for what the pick is worth. They can sign a player for overslot or underslot and manipulate how they use their bonus pool, as long as everything balances out in the end.

Teams are allowed to exceed their bonus pool by no more than 5% without facing punishment of docked draft picks in future years. They simply have to pay a 75% tax on any overage of 0-5%. That means the Brewers can spend up to $11,498,130 on signing bonuses for this year's draft class without losing a draft pick.

Last year, the Brewers selected Eric Brown Jr in the first round and signed him to an underslot deal, then went way overslot on their next pick, Jacob Misiorowski. There's lot of different ways to approach the draft with the slot/bonus pool setup.

The slot values and bonus pools only go through the first 10 rounds, but the Draft is 20 rounds long. For Draft picks in rounds 11-20, any player who's signing bonus is above $150k will count towards the bonus pool, but only the amount that exceeds $150k will count. For example, if the Brewers sign their 11th round pick to a $200,000 bonus, only $50,000 will count against Milwaukee's bonus pool allotment.

Here's the Crew's assigned pick values for each of their picks in the top 10 rounds:

Round 1(18 overall): $4,021,400
Round CB-A(33): $2,543,800
Round 2(54): $1,546,100
Round 3(87): $796,200
Round 4(119): $557,900
Round 5(155): $392,700
Round 6(182): $309,900
Round 7(212): $242,400
Round 8(242): $196,700
Round 9(272): $176,700
Round 10(302): $166,800

The 2023 MLB Draft gets started on July 9th.