Brewers: What's Next? 3 Moves To Make Following Carlos Santana Trade

The Brewers aren't done making moves yet

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Brewers next move to make #3: Trade for Rockies LHP Brent Suter

After the bats are acquired to help address the offense, the Brewers could always look to get more bullpen help. Milwaukee's been looking for one more bullpen arm to step up and they're likely to add at least one arm before the Deadline passes. Rather than get a bullpen arm they haven't been familiar with, because all those recent trades for relievers haven't worked, they should get one they are familiar with.

Brent Suter would be the perfect addition to the Brewers bullpen that is in need of another lefty. Justin Wilson is due to return from the injured list which gives them another lefty in the pen but because he's been hurt, there's a chance he won't be as sharp as the Brewers need.

Suter has been his usual excellent self this year even though he's out in Colorado. He has a 2.51 ERA in 34 games and has kept the ball in the ballpark. The Rockies are way out of the race in the NL West and they are looking to sell off a bunch of players. Suter is on that list.

As a left handed reliever, Suter is sure to be in high demand at the Deadline. The team that will want him the most though is probably the team that knows him the best, and that's the Milwaukee Brewers. The clubhouse culture in Milwaukee is something that's important to the team's success and getting guys that are good fits for the culture is key. Carlos Santana is seen as an excellent clubhouse presence and leader which is partly why the Brewers got him.

Suter was seen as a glue guy in the Brewers clubhouse in previous years. Getting him back would be a great addition to the bullpen on the field and a great addition to the organization.

The Carlos Santana trade was a good move, but the Brewers have more on their to-do list. Any or all of these three trades would be logical next steps for Milwaukee to take.

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