Crew Cursed: Brewers Foredoomed To Lose To Eventual World Series Team After DBacks Win Pennant

Every team that eliminates the Brewers makes the World Series
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

While the Brewers can try to build their teams so that no one wants to play them in October, it feels like teams will want to line up to face the Brewers in October based on the team's history.

The Brewers seem cursed. Not only in the sense of not being able to win the World Series for so long as a franchise, but that every team who beats them seems to somehow win it, or at the very least win the pennant. The Arizona Diamondbacks are now the latest example after knocking out the Brewers in the Wild Card round and moving on to the Fall Classic.

Literally, every single team.

Let's go back through history.

1981 Brewers - eliminated in ALDS by Yankees - Yankees win AL Pennant, lose WS
1982 Brewers - eliminated in WS by Cardinals - Cardinals won WS
2008 Brewers - eliminated in NLDS by Phillies - Phillies won WS
2011 Brewers - eliminated in NLCS by Cardinals - Cardinals won WS
2018 Brewers - eliminated in NLCS by Dodgers - Dodgers win NL Pennant, lose WS
2019 Brewers - eliminated in WC Game by Nationals - Nationals won WS
2020 Brewers - eliminated in WC Round by Dodgers - Dodgers won WS
2021 Brewers - eliminated in NLDS by Braves - Braves won WS
2023 Brewers - eliminated in WC Round by Diamondbacks - Diamondbacks win NL Pennant, make WS

That's every single Brewers playoff appearance in franchise history and every single time, the team that eliminated the Brewers made the World Series. The last four have all been in the first round and there were numerous chances for those teams to be eliminated before the World Series, but every team made it.

Face it, the Brewers are foredoomed to get eliminated by the eventual pennant winner.

Only twice in the previous eight postseason appearances has that team lost the World Series. Six of the eight won the whole thing. We'll see what happens with the Diamondbacks and if they can make it seven of nine, but that's just a ridiculous statistic. 75% of the time, the team that beats the Brewers in October wins the World Series with a chance for that number to jump even higher.

What are the odds of this? In nine trips to the postseason, every single team has made it to the Fall Classic. This isn't even from back when there was only the LCS and then the World Series with only two rounds.

In six of the nine playoff trips, the team that sent the Brewers home had another series to play before making the World Series, and sure enough every single one of them made it.

While teams may fear the Brewers starting pitching on the surface, they know that if they can eliminate the Crew, they are smooth sailing all the way to the World Series. It's no guarantee they win it all, but a 75% success rate once there is as good of odds as you'll find.

It's uncanny. It's absurd.

It would be nice if the Brewers had this luck once in a while but the Brewers can't play themselves in the playoffs. As much as the Brewers beat themselves when it comes to October baseball, that doesn't help them out.

The Brewers are the good luck charm for the rest of the league in October. If they play the Brewers and win, they're golden. The Crew is cursed.

The whole "no shame in losing to the best" defense mechanism is also getting quite old when it continually happens every single time. Considering in most of these series, the Brewers were the better team and had numerous chances to win those games, it makes it all the more frustrating. It easily could've been the Brewers making or winning the Fall Classic any of these nine times, but it hasn't been and the success of every team that eliminates Milwaukee just piles on to the pain.