How are these seven members of the 2023 Brewers doing with their new teams?

Let's check in on how these former Brewers are doing with their new ball clubs.
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OF Tyrone Taylor - New York Mets

Similar to his teammate Houser, Tyrone Taylor has struggled to establish his footing in New York. In 107 plate appearances, Taylor is hitting a respectable .248, but he's only getting on-base at a .274 clip and is slugging just .356. In turn, he has an OPS south of .640, and he hasn't made a strong impression quite yet for the Mets.

Taylor has a history of being a streaky hitter throughout his career, and that has continued to be the case this season. After hitting .277 with a .720 OPS and a 108 wRC+ in March/April, Taylor is slashing just .200/.222/.257 for a .479 OPS and a 39 wRC+ in the month of May.

On top of his offensive inconsistency, Taylor's quality of contact has taken a step back this season. His barrel rate of 6.3% and hard-hit rate of 35.0% are both the lowest marks of his career. Additionally, his ground ball rate has skyrocketed from 33.9% in 2023 to 45.0% this season.

In turn, Taylor has just seven extra-base hits in 38 games, yielding a career-low Isolated Power of .109. When Taylor is comfortable at the plate, he can be an impactful bat for any lineup. However, his frequent slumps prevent him from becoming an everyday outfielder. It appears Taylor's role for the Mets will be very similar to what his role was for the Brewers over the past handful of seasons.