How does Jackson Chourio stack up against previous Brewers right fielders?

Jackson Chourio is settling into right field quite nicely
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Stacking Chourio versus right fielders since 2021

2023 was a tough year for the Milwaukee Brewers in right field but it was primarily occupied by Tyrone Taylor who played 81 games, 60 of them in right field, last year. In 2022 the Brewers had Hunter Renfroe out in right and in 2021 Avisail Garcia occupied right field primarily, how would Chourio's pace totals stack up against those three?

As previously stated Tyrone Taylor played only 81 games in 2023, for the sake of comparison, we can look at his paces to see where his totals would be if he played a similar number of games to Renfroe (125 games in 2022) and Garcia (135 games in 2021).

Tyrone Taylor batted .234/.267/.446/713 for the Brewers in 2023, leading the Brewers to trade him with Adrian Houser to the New York Mets in the off-season. On a 130 game pace Tyrone Taylor would've finished around these numbers for 2023, hits - 88, doubles - 28, home runs - 16, strikeouts - 88, walks - 13, stolen bases - 14, runs scored - 58 and runs batted in - 56. These numbers all pale in comparison to Jackson Chourio's pace, outside of doubles, stolen bases and strikeouts, everything else Chourio would blow out of the water besides home runs which he would modestly exceed.

To be fair to Tyrone Taylor, it's worth noting he dealt with an inconsistent role and a couple injuries in his time with the Brewers. However, Hunter Renfroe and Avi Garcia were both established veterans when they played for the Brewers. Where would Chourio's pace stack up against these two?

Hunter Renfroe in his one season for the Milwaukee Brewers slashed .255/.315/.492/.807.

Hunter Renfroe in 2022 had 121 hits, 23 doubles, 29 home runs, struck out 121 times, drew 39 walks, stole one base (not his game), scored 62 runs and drove in 72 runs. Assuming Chourio gets a similar number of at bats per game for the rest of the season, Jackson Chourio would significantly outperform these numbers as well, except for home runs and walks.

Avi Garcia in 2021 actually had pretty similar stats to Renfroe. Garcia slashed .262/.330/.490/.820. Garcia had 121 hits, 18 doubles, 29 home runs, struck out 121 times, drew 38 walks, stole eight bases, scored 68 runs and drove in 86 runs. We may not as Brewers fans have given Garcia enough credit for how solid of a season this was.

Even Garcia's numbers don't hold a candle to what Jackson Chourio could do if he stays on the pace he's been on since June 1st outside of home runs, runs batted in and walks. Comparing Chourio to these three offensively is pretty eye opening to what Jackson Chourio could do for the stability of the right field position for the Brewers who have started four different right fielders in the last four seasons, and that's only one side of the coin.