How does Jackson Chourio stack up against previous Brewers right fielders?

Jackson Chourio is settling into right field quite nicely
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What about defensively?

If Jackson Chourio's offensive pace hasn't already demonstrated the phenomenal potential that he possesses, defense can add to the story.

Chourio has played just 56 games in right field through July 6th in the 2024 season and has already accounted for nine defensive runs saved (DRS), six outs above average (OAA) and according to Baseball Savant has +1.2 above average feet of coverage in the outfield.

Tyrone Taylor played 60 games in right field last year and accounted for four defensive runs saved, two outs above average and +0.3 above average feet of coverage.

Hunter Renfroe in 125 games in right field in 2022 saved just two runs defensively, recorded -2 outs above average and had a -0.3 below average feet of coverage in the outfield. Renfroe had an exciting arm in the outfield but if he had more range it may not have been necessary to throw runners out as often and could have helped the Brewers be even better defensively.

Avisail Garcia in 135 games in right field in 2021 actually gave up -5 defensive runs saved, recorded -3 outs above average and -1.3 below average feet of coverage in the outfield. Garcia may have had a pretty solid offensive season in 2021 but these defensive numbers are pretty rough.

In conclusion, Jackson Chourio can finish better offensively, is already a massive upgrade defensively and is only scratching the surface of his potential compared to what the Milwaukee Brewers have gotten from their right fielders in the last three years.

The way that Jackson Chourio could finish off this season based on the pace of his last 28 games is only even more impressive when considering the slow start he got off to in April and May. However, it has been well documented that once Chourio figures it out at any level, he takes off and doesn't look back.

When 2024 is all said and done, Jackson Chourio should have painted a pretty clear picture that he truly is the Milwaukee Brewers right fielder of the immediate, near and distant future and will have shown that he is unquestionably worth the contract extension he was given before the season and in the coming years could prove that it was a massive steal of a deal for Matt Arnold and the Milwaukee Brewers.