How many perfect games are there in Brewers history?

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The Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff is loaded. Former Cy Young Award-winner Corbin Burnes, two-time All-Star Brandon Woodruff, and you can't forget Freddy Peralta. That three-headed monster is an imposing top-of-the-rotation for any opposing team.

But it's not perfect, right? Few, if any things, in life are. But there is such a thing as a perfect game. If a pitcher goes the full nine innings and faces the minimum of 27 batters without allowing a single one to reach base, that's perfection.

It may be one of the most rare feats in the sport, however. In the long, storied history of Major League Baseball, there've only been 23 perfect games ever recorded. So how many Milwaukee Brewers are on that list?

How many perfect games are there in Brewers history?

Well, if you must know, the answer is zero. That's right, no Milwaukee Brewers pitcher has ever thrown a perfect game. Interestingly enough, the last perfect game recorded in Major League Baseball was tossed in 2012. Believe it or not, there were actually three perfect games that year. Philip Humber, Matt Cain, and Felix Hernandez all pitched a perfect game that season.

But the closest a Milwaukee pitcher has ever come to a perfect game was probably the eight scoreless innings of no-hit baseball that Corbin Burnes threw on September, 11, 2021. Burnes' bid to become the first Brewers player to ever throw a perfect game dissolved with a leadoff walk to begin the sixth inning.

Burnes rallied, however, and handed a no-hitter over to the bullpen in the ninth inning. Brewers closer Josh Hader put the final nail in the coffin, and with just nine pitches in the ninth inning, the duo of Burnes and Hader recorded the second-ever no-hitter in franchise hitter. The first belonged to Juan Nieves who pitched a no-hitter back in 1987.

Sorry Brewers fans, there's never been a perfect game in the history of the franchise. Also, both no-hitters have been away from the team's home ballpark. Perhaps this season one of Milwaukee's starters will go the distance and record the first perfect game in Brewers history. Hopefully they'll be kind enough to so in front of a capacity crowd at American Family Field.

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