If the Angels are selling, the Brewers should call about this left handed pitcher

The Brewers will need pitching help before the Trade Deadline
Cleveland Guardians v Los Angeles Angels
Cleveland Guardians v Los Angeles Angels / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

The Trade Deadline is still 2 months away; however, front offices across the league are constantly seeking ways to improve their roster and looking for potential targets should the price be right come July. FanSided's MLB Insider Robert Murray indicated the Los Angeles Angels are "starting to listen" on some players on their roster. While it is unknown exactly who the Angels are listening on, the Brewers should inquire about Patrick Sandoval to bolster their rotation.

A 27-year old left-handed starting pitcher, Patrick Sandoval would be one of the more attractive trade targets should he be made available. So far this season he has made 11 starts to mixed results, throwing 54.2 innings, striking out 57, walking 24, with an ERA of 5.60. While his raw numbers are not that impressive, advanced metrics such as FIP are lower (3.90), indicating Sandoval has had some bad luck this season.

Sandoval throws six pitches, relying primarily on his changeup (thrown 29.2%) and slider (thrown 26.2%), with his best pitch by Run Value being his changeup (2) and worst being his sinker (-7). Sandoval has a 46.6% GB percentage, ranking 19th among the 78 qualified starters in MLB.

Because Sandoval is a groundball pitcher, having a much better defending infield would be advantageous to him. The Brewers infield has the 7th highest OAA this season with 7, the Angels' infield has the 3rd worst with -14. Only the Marlins (-15) and Cubs (-16) have been worse.

Sandoval is arbitration eligible for the next two seasons, not becoming a free agent until after the 2026 season. Because of that, the Angels would rightfully have a high asking price. Entering the season, MLB Pipeline named the Angels the worst farm system in baseball, meaning this would be a good opportunity for the team to replenish their farm system as they try to find an identity after losing Shohei Ohtani this previous offseason.

Who would the Brewers part with? Perhaps an initial offer of Carlos F. Rodriguez, and OF Luis Lara would get the conversation started. Of course, the Brewers have held onto top prospects, and parting with at least two top 10 prospects may be too high of an ask even for two and a half years of controllable starting pitching.

The Brewers' biggest need on this roster heading into the Trade Deadline is likely to be the pitching staff. The starting rotation could use some stability and Sandoval could provide it.