Looking at 6 different potential Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation combinations

The Brewers rotation will look different than recent years, but how will it be assembled?
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
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Milwaukee Brewers 2024 starting rotation combinations: Young Guns

To go the complete opposite direction, the Milwaukee Brewers could decide to take their starting rotation to the young, talent laden, potential-filled young guys. That rotation would look a little bit different after the top two of Freddy Peralta and Wade Miley:

1. Freddy Peralta (97 career starts)
2. Wade Miley (308 career starts)
3. DL Hall (1 career start)
4. Aaron Ashby (23 career starts)
5. Colin Rea (49 career starts)

This potential five man rotation by removing Ross and Junis does alleviate some of the injury concern to the starting lineup as DL Hall is a young player which projects to being able to stay healthy more easily and Colin Rea who despite playing overseas at points in his career, has been overall pretty reliable for the Brewers.

Now, the Brewers could take the youth movement to an absurd level if they decided to go outside the 40-man roster and bring up some of the young pitching talent currently waiting in the minor leagues.

The three players the Brewers could potentially stick as the sixth man in a youth-based rotation would be first, Evan McKendry. McKendry turned 26 earlier in February and pitched decently in Triple-A last season. Over 23 starts and 28 total appearances, McKendry totaled a 4.30 ERA over 142.1 innings. The numbers don't jump off the page, but if the Brewers decided they didn't want to start the service time clock on the next two pitchers I'm going to bring up, McKendry could be an option.

One of McKendry's teammates from last season, Robert Gasser, could be another candidate for a sixth man spot in a rotation based on young guys. Gasser led all of AAA in strikeouts last season and Brewers fans are eager to see him hit the major league roster so they can decide if the Hader trade was a win or not for the Brewers. Gasser also had one of the best ERAs in Triple-A in 2023, so whether or not he starts the season on the roster, it's not likely going to be a long wait to see him in a Brewers uniform.

Last but certainly not least, one of the Brewers' most exciting pitching prospects, Jacob Misiorowski, could be a super dark horse candidate for Milwaukee's hypothetical youth movement for the starting rotation. Misiorowski is just 21 years old, was drafted in 2022, and has rocketed through the Brewers minor league system, all the way to finishing 2023 with five starts for the Double-A Biloxi Shuckers and also dazzling in the MLB Futures Game last July.

While it isn't likely that any of the three of McKendry, Gasser, or Misiorowski start the 2024 season on the Milwaukee Brewers roster, it is certainly feasible that we could see one, two, or all three at some point this season.