Looking at 6 different potential Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation combinations

The Brewers rotation will look different than recent years, but how will it be assembled?

Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Milwaukee Brewers 2024 starting rotation combinations: Strikeout guys

Peralta is already the de facto ace for the 2024 Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation, but looking at which starting pitcher options can rack up the most strikeouts is right in Peralta's wheelhouse. Who else could the Brewers put in the rotation with Peralta and Miley though (I know he's not a strikeout guy outside rare occurences)?

(Strikeout percentages are 2023 numbers except for Ashby and Hall)

1. Freddy Peralta (30.9 K%)
2. Wade Miley (16.1K%)
3. DL Hall (29.0 K%) - his career percentage to increase sample size
4. Aaron Ashby (26.5 K%) - 2022
5. Robert Gasser (28.0 K%) - Triple-A
6. Jacob Misiorowski (33.6 K%) - Double-A

Peralta ranked in the 92nd percentile of Major League Baseball in 2023 with his 30.9% strikeout percentage. Miley, again, is not a strikeout guy but is basically a lock for the rotation. The rest of this rotation is comprised of some young guys that the Milwaukee Brewers could rely on for years and years to come! Over the next five to six years we could be watching the Brewers starters rack up the strikeouts.

Milwaukee Brewers 2024 starting rotation combinations: Low Walks

The potential opposite of guys who strike out a lot of batters is that some of them struggle with walks, so a potential rotation built on players who don't walk a lot of batters may look a lot different. Still starting with Peralta and Miley, the rest would round out like this:

(Walk percentages are 2023 numbers unless otherwise stated)

1. Freddy Peralta (7.9 BB%)
2. Wade Miley (7.8 BB%)
3. Jakob Junis (5.7 BB%)
4. Joe Ross (7.4 BB%) - 2021
5. Colin Rea (7.4 BB%)
6. DL Hall (7.6 BB%)

This list ends up looking more similar to the experienced group of pitchers, potentially suggesting a correlation of experience and control.