Milwaukee Brewers: 2 Players Who Are Turning Things Around, 1 Who Isn't

While two Brewers players are heating up right when the team needed it, another player still can't seem to figure it out.

Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers
Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Brewers player who is not turning things around: DH Jesse Winker

When the Brewers traded for him last offseason, it felt like Jesse Winker was as good a bet to be a bounceback candidate in 2023 as anyone. And the way his season started, it seemed as though that theory would be proven correct.

Through his first nine games, Winker was slashing an impressive .300/.389/.400 with three doubles and nine RBI. Since then, he has been in a tail spin and things just continue to not ever get better for him.

With just one game remaining heading into the All-Star break, Winker is slashing just .197/.320/.252 and has just five doubles and one single homer on the season. He is also hitless in his last eight at bats.

Amazingly, if he had enough at bats to qualify, Winker's 13.1% walk rate would be the 11th best mark in the National League, so he at least has that going in his favor. But the Brewers didn't bring Winker in to draw walks, they brought him in to be a run producing designated hitter, and by that standard Winker has so far been a huge bust.

Winker was a good offensive player for several years with the Reds, which is about the only reason to hold out a small amount of hope that he can still turn things around this season. And he better, because with a $8.5MM salary and few better options on the roster or in the minors to replace him, Milwaukee may have no chance but to continue to ride things out for the rest of the season.

Having some of your best players turn things around is one of the easiest ways for a team to get back on track and, for the most part, that's what has happened lately for the Brewers. If some more key players can do the same after the All-Star break, it could be a great second half for the Crew.

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