Milwaukee Brewers 2023 Post-Draft Superlatives

Best value, biggest surprise, and so much more
Jun 19, 2023; Omaha, NE, USA;  Wake Forest Demon Deacons third baseman Brock Wilken (25) drives in
Jun 19, 2023; Omaha, NE, USA; Wake Forest Demon Deacons third baseman Brock Wilken (25) drives in / Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
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Fastest to the Big Leagues - RHP Craig Yoho, 8th round

Following the selection of Cooper Pratt, the Brewers went with four straight 22 and 23 year old college senior pitchers to save enough money in their bonus pool for the high upside prepster.

The Brewers took four college relievers and even though they're mostly money-saving picks, these guys have legit stuff that could help out the big league bullpen quickly. They're polished and experienced

Of the four, I like Craig Yoho to be the first one from this Draft class to reach the big leagues. He has a full four pitch arsenal, dominated this year in the Big Ten, posted excellent K/BB numbers, and has big league stuff.

He'll move quickly through the system as a reliever, and relievers don't need that much development time in the minors compared to starters. Milwaukee's been aggressive with promoting relievers in the past and we could see Yoho fairly soon, although I also like Tate Kuehner and Mark Manfredi. They're both lefties and could be quick movers in the bullpen as well.

Favorite Day 3 Pick - RHP Bishop Letson, 11th round

Day 3 is a difficult one because the Brewers aren't going to end up signing so many of their selections. They went heavy on the high school picks, knowing they wouldn't sign them, because the Brewers only have so many minor league roster spots available and didn't feel the need to sign 21 players.

My favorite of the group ends up being Bishop Letson in the 11th round. He's a talented and athletic arm, and MLB Pipeline had him in their Top 250 Draft prospects, ranked 179th.

Generally, on Day 3 the earlier you pick a high school player, the more likely you feel it is you can sign him. It's not as likely as if they were picked on Day 1 or 2, but a high schooler in the 11th round has a decent chance to sign if the Brewers have enough money left over. They might not, but Letson is a good target if they have some money left.