Milwaukee Brewers 2023 Pre-MLB Draft Superlatives

So many different categories to cover
2022 MLB Draft
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The 2023 MLB Draft is coming up fast. Let's take a look at some Milwaukee Brewers pre-Draft superlatives.

The Brewers have 21 selections in the upcoming Draft and they will look to address several different positions and needs across the organization. Once the Draft concludes, we'll come back with a post-Draft superlatives on how things went down.

Before the Draft gets started, let's get you prepared for what could end up happening and how things lineup as we approach the Draft.

Here's nine superlative phrases that cover a whole bunch of different MLB Draft topics for how the Brewers should or will approach this year's Draft.

Biggest Need... High Upside Pitching

The Brewers farm system is deep in talented hitters but short on pitching. Milwaukee's focused heavily on adding hitters in recent years and the pitching talent has all graduated. With Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff slated to hit free agency after the 2024 season, the Brewers are going to need to fill those holes in the rotation. There aren't many prospects in the system currently that can fill those shoes.

Florida's Hurston Waldrep is one name that would make a lot of sense in the first round. Milwaukee's avoided first round pitchers of late, but he could very well be worth it. Beyond Waldrep, there's a lot of pitchers in the early rounds that fit Milwaukee's profile of pitchers they like.

Campbell's Cade Keuhler, Texas' Tanner Witt, LSU's Ty Floyd, Vandy's Hunter Owen, and Texas State's Levi Wells are among the names that make a lot of sense for Milwaukee. They have the pitch metrics and athleticism that the Brewers desire and have some really good upside if they're able to develop them right.

The highest upside pitchers may be from the high school ranks though, since they're so young and raw talents. The Brewers have shied away from the incredibly risky high school pitching demographic however. They last picked a high school arm on Day 1 in 2017. If they choose that route early, Thomas White and Alex Clemmey could make some sense.