Milwaukee Brewers 2023 Pre-MLB Draft Superlatives

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2022 MLB Draft
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This prospect screams Milwaukee Brewers... C/SS/OF Cole Carrigg

If Craig Counsell could create his perfect player in a lab, it would look something like Cole Carrigg. Carrigg is a versatile, up the middle player that can provide excellent defense at all three of catcher, shortstop, and centerfield. Even the most elite athletes and players can only play two premium positions well maximum. You don't see many that can play all three.

Carrigg can throw the ball 100 MPH from the outfield and the infield, and records 1.9 second pop times behind the plate. That's elite. He also posts plus run times and shows a knack for stealing bases.

Offensively, Carrigg doesn't hit for much power, although he's started to show some. He makes a ton of contact, with a really good feel for hitting. He doesn't draw many walks, because he swings and makes contact so often. He's athletic, he has a natural feel to hit, and he can play all three premium positions, oh and he's a switch hitter, too. He sounds like everything the Brewers like.

Under the radar fit... SS Kevin McGonigle

The Brewers are mostly being connected to college hitters. But it's a high school hitter that I think could be a sneaky possibility for the Brewers at 18 overall or even potentially 33 overall.

Kevin McGonigle, a prep shortstop from Pennsylvania, fits everything the Brewers like in a hitter, except for being in college. He has a plus hit tool, solid power, great speed, and solid defensive ability up the middle. He has a high baseball IQ and is a left-handed hitter.

In Kiley McDaniel's final Big Board rankings, he said this of McGonigle:

"[P]ure hitter with shorter limbs, medium power, good-not-great defensive ability. Tyler Black, Sal Frelick, and Eric Brown Jr. were this type and were all taken by the Brewers "

Oh, so three of the top players with this exact same type of profile were all taken by the Milwaukee Brewers in the last two Drafts? That doesn't seem like a coincidence.

All the smoke has been around the Brewers and college bats. But a sneaky fit is McGonigle as a high school bat. He could be a below-slot pick at 18 overall to be sure they get him, or they could try to float him down to 33 overall with a overslot deal. Keep an eye on McGonigle.