Milwaukee Brewers 2024 Schedule Released, 7 Important Nuggets To Know

Opening Day isn't against the Cubs for once!
Fans take in a Milwaukee Brewers game from the Miller Lite Landing at American Family Field on May
Fans take in a Milwaukee Brewers game from the Miller Lite Landing at American Family Field on May / Ricardo Torres / Milwaukee Journal

Major League Baseball has released all 30 teams regular season schedule for the upcoming year. 2024 will be the second year of the balanced schedule where every team plays one another. It also will feature more international games that will be played in South Korea, Mexico City, and London.

The Milwaukee Brewers were not selected to play overseas. However this year they will get to play host to teams such as the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Guardians, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, and Tampa Bay Rays. A full view of the schedule is provided below.

Milwaukee Brewers 2024 season schedule: 7 nuggets to know

1. Opening Day is March 28 against the New York Mets

This will be played at Citi Field in New York on a Thursday. Friday will be a scheduled day off in case of rain.

2. The Brewers home opener is April 2 against the Minnesota Twins

This will be a quick two game series that starts on a Tuesday.

3. Only 11 of 30 March/April games are against division opponents. All of those games are on the road.

Division opponents during this stretch include the Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

4. There are seven stretches of 13 consecutive games, but nothing longer

The dates of 13 consecutive games include: April 5-17, April 19-May1, May 3-15, May 24-June 5, Jun 14-26, August 6-August 18, and September 10-22.

5. There are 3 west coast road trips

The first west coast trip starts June 17 and ends June 23 with games against the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres. A few weeks later from July 1-July 7 the Brewers travel to Colorado and Los Angeles against to face the Dodgers. The last trip to the west coast is September 10-15 with games against the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks.

6. No games against the Cubs after July 24

The Brewers and Cubs will play seven games against one another in May, three in June, and then three more just after the All-Star break.

7. September is a home heavy schedule with few games against division opponents

10 of the Brewers last 13 games will be played at American Family Field. Taking it a step further, just three of the last 22 games will be against NL Central teams. The last game against the Reds is September 1 and against the Cardinals September 4.

Overall it's an interesting 2024 schedule for the Milwaukee Brewers. Promotion announcements for games will become available throughout the off-season and single game tickets generally do not go on sale until February.

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