Milwaukee Brewers: The 5 Biggest Stories of 2022

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October 27th, 2022: David Stearns steps down as Milwaukee Brewers president of baseball operations

Even though the most recent season ended without a playoff appearance, the last half decade has represented an unprecedented run of success for the franchise. So much of that was because of the man in charge of baseball operations: David Stearns.

He brought in a new franchise cornerstone in Christian Yelich, who went on to immediately win an NL MVP and almost won a second. He helped build a system that started churning out pitching talent at a high level. And the disappointing drafts of the past have turned into ones that have produced some intriguing prospects for the future.

Most importantly, the Brewers have won. It took some rebuilding after taking over the team in 2015, but the team ended up making four straight postseason appearances from 2018 to 2021, by far the longest playoff stretch in franchise history.

Over that time, Stearns saw his title change from General Manager to President of Baseball Operations. Running an MLB front office at a high level must take its toll, though, and now he has neither of those titles as he stepped down from his most recent position at the end of October.

Stearns remains with the club in an advisory role. And though some fans thought the move was just going to preclude a move to the front office of either the New York Mets or Houston Astros, he has stated that he has no intent to do either of those things, at least for now.

With Stearns no longer at the helm, it's now general manager Matt Arnold's show to run. The new head of baseball operations has already made some moves to improve the team for 2023, including one big one....