Milwaukee Brewers: First Half Grades for the Outfielders and Designated Hitters

Christian Yelich has been a revelation and another young outfielder has held his own. After that, though?

Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers
Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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OF Joey Wiemer

Though he wasn't added to the active roster until the second game of the season, this was supposed to be a year where rookie Joey Wiemer could ease his way into the majors while a different rookie (more on him later) sort of led the way. Instead, the former was thrown into the fire when the latter suffered a major injury.

The overall numbers on the season aren't exactly mind-blowing at a .212/.294/.398 slash line, though 12 homers and 33 RBI are nice. But as the weather has heated up, so has Wiemer as the rookie sports a .236 average and a .828 OPS with seven of the homers and 19 of the RBI coming just since June 1st.

Wiemer has been as much of a blast to watch at the plate as he has in the field with his solid defense and cannon of an arm, which has him tied for 9th among NL outfielders with five outfield assists. Considering how quickly he had to acclimate to the rigors of MLB life, it feels like the rookie has held up quite well.

Grade: C+

DH Jesse Winker

Of all the bounceback candidates the Brewers have brought in over the last few years, Jesse Winker seemed like more of a sure fire bet to work out than any of them. He had several years of success as a member of the Reds before just one down season, was back in the NL Central where he had done plenty of damage in the past, and was supposedly healthy again.

Instead, he has so far been one of the worst acquisitions of the offseason. After a solid first couple weeks of the season, Winker has basically slumped the rest of the way, slashing .200/.324/.253 in 55 games with six, yes that's six, extra base hits (five doubles and a homer) and just 22 RBI.

About the only saving grace is that the .324 on base percentage isn't horrible compared to some of the other hitters in the lineup. But the Brewers didn't bring Winker in to just get on base, they brought him in to produce runs. Because of that, even that OBP isn't enough to save him from a poor grade.

Grade: D-

OF Blake Perkins

With Wiemer having to move over to center field for most of the season, it left a bit of a hole over in right field. Brian Anderson spent some time there early, splitting his time between there and third base, but injuries to other outfielders have resulted in other options having to step in. Enter Blake Perkins.

Perkins, who was signed as a free agent last offseason, got his first taste of Major League action as a Brewer this season. He has had some moments here and there, but overall the results have been underwhelming.

Through 39 games, Perkins has slashed .216/.296/.318 with three doubles, a pair of homers, and a 28% strikeout rate. He does have three outfield assists to his credit, but has also cost the Brewers potential runs by being picked off the base paths on multiple occasions. All in all, as soon as Milwaukee has a better option, they should switch to it.

Grade: D-