Milwaukee Brewers: Grading the Trade for OF Mark Canha

How did the Brewers do in this deal?
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The Milwaukee Brewers have made a significant move ahead of the deadline, acquiring outfielder Mark Canha from the New York Mets. This trade not only bolsters their outfield options but also brings a much-needed upgrade to the team's right-field position.

Mark Canha, at the age of 34, has displayed consistent performance at the plate during the current season with a batting line of .245/.343/.381 (102 OPS+). In 89 games played, he has slugged six home runs and 16 extra-base hits. While his power numbers have experienced a slight dip since joining the Mets, he remains an above-average hitter with solid contact and on-base skills.

The Brewers' right fielders have struggled throughout the season, collectively posting a disappointing slash line of .189/.281/.286. This lack of production in right field has been a concern for the team and has prompted them to seek an upgrade. With the addition of Canha, the Brewers now have a league-average bat in right field, representing a substantial offensive improvement.

Milwaukee made a solid, if unspectacular improvement to their team with trade for Mark Canha, earning a subsequently solid grade.

Trade Grade: B

Canha's ability to play multiple outfield positions and other roles adds to his value as a versatile asset for the Brewers. He can serve as a reliable platoon partner and provide valuable relief against tough left-handed starting pitchers. During the current season, Canha has shown his adaptability by starting double-digit games at designated hitter, first base, and right field, in addition to his primary position in left field, and that versatility is something the Brewers will like.

The trade strengthens the Brewers' chances of success this year with Canha's presence in right field. While there are some concerns about his declining power numbers and age, the trade is relatively low-risk as the Brewers didn't have to give up a significant asset from their major league roster.

Justin Jarvis had been rising of late as a pitching prospect but was Rule 5 eligible this winter and it would've been a tough fit to put him on the 40 man roster and he would've likely been selected by someone else if he was left off. It clears out a solid arm that was pretty far down the depth chart.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Mark Canha significantly upgrades the Brewers' right field position, addressing a key area of need for the team. With his offensive prowess and defensive versatility, Canha's addition promises to enhance the team's depth and boost their overall offensive output.

Considering the low risk involved and the potential benefits, this trade is graded as a promising B for the Brewers. As they aim for success this year, this move sets them on a positive trajectory.

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