Milwaukee Brewers: Joey Wiemer is giving the offense a shot in the arm

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Brewers rookie outfielder Joey Wiemer got a new haircut Tuesday and celebrated by hitting a walk-off single down the left field line, becoming the third rookie in franchise history to have two walk-offs in their rookie campaign, joining Geoff Jenkins and B.J. Surhoff. The Brewers defeated the Baltimore Orioles 4-3 in their series opener.

Wiemer broke out the mullet just to have it continually covered by the cheesehead that Milwaukee Brewers players wear after home runs, which he hit two of on Wednesday night. It was a heck of an encore to his walk-off heroics on Tuesday. Wiemer may just want to look into trademarking "Mullet Power" after his two home run night.

With his two home runs, a double, and a single, Wiemer set a record he now holds on his own Wednesday by reaching 11 total bases, a Brewers rookie record.

After a slow start, Brewers outfielder Joey Wiemer has had a rookie resurgence.

Going into Saturday, Joey Wiemer is currently on a nine game hitting streak, the longest of his young career. In that time, he is 14-for-31 at the plate, which equals an impressive .452 batting average. He was even rewarded for his hot hitting by manager Craig Counsell moving him up from his typical nine spot in the batting order all the way up to fifth for the opening game of the Oakland A's series.

Since the calendar turned to June, Wiemer is batting .444, getting on base at a .531 clip and slugging .926. His OPS for the first nine days of the month is 1.457. It's a small sample size but a mightily impressive sample nonetheless. Furthermore, Wiemer has made 32 plate appearances and only struck out six times.

Also in the month of June, Wiemer is carrying an absurd 282 WRC+ (the average mark of Weighted Runs Created+ is 100) and adjusted for ballparks, the Milwaukee Brewers have played their two most recent series in hitter friendly parks. Wiemer's hard hit percentage for the month thus far is 52.4%.

Since May 30th, Joey Wiemer has raised his batting average by 44 points, picking himself up in a big way from a season low .187 batting average and raising himself up to .231, which is lower than he'd likely prefer but a number that puts him around the rest of the pack of the Brewers. And if Wiemer continues anything near the trajectory he's been on in the last 10 days, he'll find himself among the team leaders in the category.

The resurgence of Joey Wiemer could have only come at a better time had it come a few weeks ago when the team was really struggling on offense. However, when considering that Joey Wiemer wasn't expected to contribute at the major league level so early in the season it isn't unreasonable to give him some time to get through some rookie phases.

Wiemer was called up very early in the year after the injury to Luis Urias and then became a remarkably important piece to the puzzle when starting center fielder Garrett Mitchell went down. Mitchell is expected to be the Milwaukee Brewers center fielder of the future with Joey Wiemer in right field. However, it has become Wiemer locking down the center field position not only with his bat but also with his defense.

Joey Wiemer's bat has overshadowed his underrated defense.

Looking at Joey Wiemer's defense, even when watching him in real time, it's hard to tell just how good of a defender he is because he makes difficult plays look routine. However, the numbers strongly support Joey Wiemer playing very good outfield defense, most of it in center field.

Looking at fielding percentage (1.000), range factor per 9 innings (2.81), and range factor per game (2.63) on Wiemer's page, it shows that is above average in each of the three metrics.

Looking at Baseball Savant's outs above average rankings, Wiemer currently ranks eight in all of Major League Baseball, (third in the National League). Wiemer is also tied for fourth in runs prevented, tied for first in the National League with Atlanta's Michael Harris II.

Brewers fans have always been excited for what Wiemer's MLB potential could be. And though he started slow, he's been a ton of fun to watch as his production has exploded recently.

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