Milwaukee Brewers: Week 7 MLB Power Rankings Roundup

Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers
Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Well that's more like it. The Milwaukee Brewers finally got back to their winning ways this last weekend when they swept a three-game series at home against the Kansas City Royals.

Prior to that, it was a long stretch of series losses after a hot start to the season. In fact, after winning five of their first six series to begin 2023, they would match that by losing five of six series before they finally broke the trend against the Royals.

As a result, Milwaukee started taking a tumble down most power rankings, which will happen when you briefly lose your division lead. But just how far did they bounce back in the other direction after this last week's performance?

Here is your week 5 MLB power rankings roundup for the Milwaukee Brewers.

FanSided - 20

Hold on, the Brewers fell all the way down to the bottom third?!

Well, not exactly. This week, our friends over at FanSided were actually ranking how likely MLB teams are to be sellers at this year's trade deadline based on their performance so far. So based on the power rankings, they don't have Milwaukee as very likely sellers, but don't rule it out completely and even throw out the possibility of a move that would set Brewers social media ablaze.

"The Milwaukee Brewers have set themselves up early to become trade deadline buyers, but a slump in June or July could completely change things. In fact, they might end up as one of those ball clubs that buys and sells at the same time. Last year they traded Josh Hader to the San Diego Padres and made a few other moves more akin to what a seller would do. This season, trading Corbin Burnes for multiple pieces might be the outside-of-the-box type of move they make. Swapping him for a lesser arm and a bat is extreme yet not out unimaginable."

Tim Boyle - 7

Despite the Brewers' struggles over the last few weeks, they never really took a huge hit in's power rankings. They clock in at No. 7 this week and had only dropped down to No. 8 the week before that, even as the Pirates wrestled the NL Central lead away for a short while.

Led lately by a resurgent Christian Yelich, the Brewers are pairing a 4.48 runs per game average that ranks 14th in MLB with a 3.74 ERA from the pitching staff, 8th lowest in the league. Those metrics, plus strong defense, are usually good enough for a top third ranking in the league.

FOX Sports - 11

Similarly, the Fox Sports MLB power rankings move the Brewers up a spot after seeing them fall the previous week. They appear to be impressed with how the Crew have done this season when you consider the hits that the starting rotation took early in 2023, a trend that's reminiscent of last season.

"The Brewers'; rotation has performed admirably considering Brandon Woodruff hasn’t pitched in more than a month due to shoulder inflammation, Corbin Burnes hasn’t completely looked like himself and the rotation was already without 24-year-old Aaron Ashby, who underwent shoulder surgery. "

Rowan Kavner

CBS Sports - 8

A few weeks ago, the power rankings at CBS Sports noted their concern as to whether the aforementioned Yelich would ever look anything like his MVP self ever again. Well, as they bump the Brewers back up three spots, they can't help but notice that it has coincided with Yelich's recent surge.

"A few weeks ago I discussed Christian Yelich and essentially said we should all move on from thinking he'd ever be MVP caliber again. After all, it isn't a small sample or anything. It's been three years. He is on quite a heater right now, though. In the month of May (12 games), he's hitting .348 with four homers, 12 RBI and 10 runs. He's homered three times in the last two games, too"

Matt Snyder

The Brewers can not only look to keep their power rankings positioning as well as their division lead, but also distance themselves further from a familiar foe as they take on the St. Louis Cardinals on the road to start this week's action.

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