Predicting the 2024 Milwaukee Brewers 26-man Opening Day roster

WIth spring training officially started, here's our first crack at what the roster will look like by Opening Day.

Jul 2, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Willy Adames (27) greets
Jul 2, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Willy Adames (27) greets / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Infielders - Rhys Hoskins, Brice Turang, Willy Adames, Andruw Monasterio, Jake Bauers, Owen Miller

The group of Brewers infielders can almost be divided just like one would the teams trying to get into the NCAA March Madness tournament. You have your locks, those who should be safely in, and those who are "on the bubble."

First baseman Rhys Hoskins and shortstop Willy Adames are very clearly your locks. Hoskins, one of the top offensive players on the free agent market this offseason, will anchor the Brewers offense in 2024 while Adames should again land somewhere between No. 3 and No. 5 in the lineup as he plays for this next contract in his final guaranteed year in Brewers blue.

Two players who should be safely in are second baseman Brice Turang and third baseman Andruw Monasterio. Turang figured some things out at the plate toward the end of last season and offers Gold Glove worthy defense. Monasterio was one of the more consistent hitters last season and, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Todd Rosiak, has come to camp with some extra muscle.

Past that, you have Owen Miller and Jake Bauers, who have inside tracks on a roster spot for different reasons. For Miller, it's because he showed some offensive potential early in 2023 and also offers some of the best defensive flexibility. For Bauers, it's more because his lack of minor league options, though the team will be hoping he can provide even more offensive upside if he can match some of his minor league production.

One of the biggest wild cards in the mix will be Tyler Black, a top five prospect for the Brewers. He will get every chance this spring to earn a spot on the roster with his excellent on base talents and ability to play both corner infield spots. Should he make the final cut, it could be at the expense of Miller being sent to the minors or Bauers being cut altogether. For now, we'll start with him falling short.