Predicting where each Brewers free agent will sign in 2024

Brewers DH Jesse Winker
Brewers DH Jesse Winker / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Brewers were, by a considerable margin, the best team in either Central division in 2023. Now, after an early fall in the postseason, they have a number of considerations about how to approach their offseason.

They have a number of players who will be faced with various kinds of choices to make: 10 free agents, three with club options, and one with a mutual option. There's a lot of potential for a very different lineup and starting rotation next year, and a lot of questions around where the many free/semi-free Brewers will go in the offseason.

Predicting where Brewers free agents will sign before the regular season

The Brewers have already decided to retain pitcher Colin Rea on a one year contract with an amount yet to be disclosed. They also have bigger fish to fry, particularly finding a manager to take over for Craig Counsell, who has already interviewed with with the New York Mets and Cleveland Guardians as a potential replacement for Buck Showalter or Terry Francona.

Notable players excluded from this list are Carlos Santana, who will most likely retire, and Victor Caratini, who the Brewers will/should try to keep. Here are four players headed into free agency, where they might go, and how much they might make there.