Predicting where each Brewers free agent will sign in 2024

Brewers DH Jesse Winker
Brewers DH Jesse Winker / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Julio Teheran: Washington Nationals (1 year, $1 million)

Julio Teheran is actually in a similar boat to Eric Lauer; he was outrighted to Triple-A on Oct. 2 and elected free agency instead. However, he had a better season than Lauer, and a better season than most of the Washington Nationals starting rotation, for that matter. His sample size is smaller, sure, with 71 2/3 innings pitched, but he had a better K/9 and HR/9 than Nationals ace Patrick Corbin, a higher ERA, and only a slightly worse fWAR.

After a $1.5 million year with the Brewers, he almost certainly will be accepting less to play for something of a trial period. Even so, Teheran has a history of very good work, specifically for the Atlanta Braves, where he spent nine seasons, had Rookie of the Year votes in 2013, and is a two-time All-Star. Clearly he feels like he has more major league years in him, and he maybe he could find them in a low-stakes market like Washington DC.