Rhys Hoskins getting rematch with nemesis from Mets dustup earlier than expected

Yohan Ramirez is now joining the Brewers next opponent
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

It appears the rivalry between Rhys Hoskins and the Mets that exploded in the first series of the season may be getting a rematch much earlier than when the Brewers will next face the Mets at the end of the season.

If your memory needs refreshing, after a late, but clean slide from Hoskins into second base, Mets infielder Jeff McNeil started shouting profanities at Hoskins while he was on the ground. Hoskins called him a crybaby. The next day, after Hoskins was 3-for-3 in his first three plate appearances, Mets reliever Yohan Ramirez threw a fastball behind Hoskins' head.

Hoskins was upset, the benches were upset, and Yohan Ramirez was ejected and suspended for three games. Shortly thereafter, the Mets designated Ramirez for assignment.

Now, the pitcher who threw behind Hoskins has a new team... and it's the Brewers next opponent, the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore acquired Ramirez for cash considerations and he will join the active roster.

There's a chance Rhys Hoskins will have to step in the batter's box against Yohan Ramirez again just two weeks after Ramirez threw behind his head.

The Brewers are arriving in Baltimore for a three game series this weekend and there are plenty of storylines for it. Corbin Burnes facing his old team while DL Hall and Joey Ortiz can face off against theirs. Jackson Chourio and Jackson Holliday will share the same field, the two top prospects in baseball. Now, we'll have the potential rematch of Rhys Hoskins and Yohan Ramirez.

There's no reason for Ramirez to continue to hold a grudge against Hoskins, unless he really is that loyal to a team that just designated him for assignment and for some reason it's personal for him. Then again, there was no reason for Ramirez to throw at Hoskins the first time after he already got three hits in that game. Even the Mets TV announcers admitted that it was too late to send that message.

Still, Hoskins may have some not so nice feelings about Ramirez after he threw behind his head last time he saw him.

It's clear the Mets still held a grudge from everything Hoskins did while he was with the Phillies. A new team didn't change that rivalry, so it's possible a new team doesn't change the way Ramirez feels.

His new team, the Orioles, however, likely wouldn't be too keen on a new face causing problems like that when he's already a fringe roster player to begin with. Still, it's an interesting move ahead of this series between two contending clubs with a lot on the line.