Rowdy Tellez Tells Hilarious Story About New Brewers Teammate Josh Donaldson

These guys are quite the duo
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Milwaukee Brewers' fan favorite, Rowdy Tellez, recently brought some unexpected humor to Foul Territory TV, where former Brew Crew catcher Erik Kratz co-hosts. During their Monday show, Tellez shared a rib-tickling tale about his brief but memorable stint on the pitcher's mound and the amusing trash talk that ensued when he crossed paths with teammate Josh Donaldson.

While Rowdy Tellez isn't known as a two-way player, his pitching escapade was a hilarious departure from the norm. According to Tellez, there had been some buzz about him taking the mound at some point during the season. The comedic twist came when, during a lopsided game against the Miami Marlins with the Brewers leading 16-1, manager Craig Counsell gave Tellez the unexpected call to pitch. Without missing a beat, Tellez scrambled to grab a glove from Wade Miley and took a seat on the bench to mentally prepare for his impromptu pitching debut.

The comedic highlights continued as Tellez revealed that he briefly toyed with the idea of making a dramatic dash to the bullpen for a warm-up session. However, he wisely decided against it, emphasizing that it was all in the spirit of maintaining the game's integrity. Adding to the humor, one of his teammates couldn't resist poking fun, cautioning Tellez to keep an eye on the outfield fence—a playful nod to the absurdity of the situation.

In another comical twist, the conversation shifted to Tellez's interactions with teammate Josh Donaldson. Tellez regaled viewers with an anecdote from their initial clubhouse encounter when he playfully prodded Donaldson to introduce himself to the new teammates. What started as a lighthearted jest swiftly escalated into a good-natured bout of trash talk between the two, providing a hilarious glimpse into the camaraderie and playful rivalry that characterizes their dynamic.

For the full dose of laughter and to witness Rowdy Tellez's comical pitching adventure and banter with Josh Donaldson, be sure to watch the video below. It's a reminder that baseball, in addition to its serious moments, can also deliver side-splitting surprises and moments of pure hilarity.

Now, as the Brewers have clinched the NL Central, during the celebration, Tellez and Donaldson were dousing each other with champagne and declaring "that's my favorite teammate!".

It appears whatever concerns there were about Josh Donaldson being a "clubhouse problem" were unfounded and he's fit in quite nicely in Milwaukee. It certainly helps having a guy like Tellez to break the ice.