These were the five longest Milwaukee Brewers home runs of the 2023 season

Of all the Brewers homers in 2023, these five were the most majestic.
Sep 19, 2023; St. Louis, Missouri, USA;  Milwaukee Brewers catcher William Contreras (24) reacts
Sep 19, 2023; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Milwaukee Brewers catcher William Contreras (24) reacts / Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A wise man once opined, "chicks dig the long ball." In reality, everyone digs the long ball. Holding your breath as a fan while you wait to see whether a fly ball is going to die on the warning track or sail over the fence is one of the most exciting experiences as a baseball fan.

Unlike some previous seasons, the Brewers weren't particularly gifted when it came to hitting the long ball in 2023. The Crew ended last season with 165 total homers, which tied for the sixth lowest amount in all of MLB.

Still, that left room for plenty of majestic bombs to be hit, some of which may have felt like they were going to leave the ballpark altogether (a couple of which even did). It's time to look back on the longest of the long balls from last season.

These are the five longest home runs that the Brewers hit during the 2023 season.

July 16th - Christian Yelich, 439 feet

It wouldn't feel right to have a longest homer list without the leader of the Milwaukee Brewers and Christian Yelich indeed lands on it with the fifth longest bomb of the year. In a July game against the Reds, Yeli launched a solo homer in the 3rd inning that tied the game, one the Crew eventually won to earn a road series sweep coming out of the All-Star break.

June 10th - William Contreras, 440 feet

Get ready for a whole lot of William Contreras domination on this list. The young Brewers catcher who was acquired last offseason hit 17 bombs in 2023, his third longest of which was a pinch hit solo knock that ended up being responsible for the only run the Brewers scored in a disappointing 2-1 home loss to the A's.

August 15th - Carlos Santana, 442 feet

First baseman Carlos Santana provided plenty of offense for the Brewers after being acquired at last season's trade deadline, including 11 homers in just 52 games. His longest was, you guessed it, a solo shot that proved to be too little, too late in a 6-2 loss to the Dodgers on the road.

August 27th - William Contreras, 450 feet

Amazingly enough, August 27th brought just Contreras's second longest homer of the season, but it came in an important game. The solo homer led off the scoring for the Brewers in an eventual 10-6 win over the Padres, one that marked the Brewers' eighth straight win at the time and third straight series win.

September 15th - William Contreras, 456 feet

The longest of all the 2023 Brewers homers naturally came off the bat of Contreras and is the only one on the list that scored more than one run. It was a three-run homer that finally kicked off the scoring for the Crew in the 5th inning of their game against the Nationals. Not only that, it tied the game at three and allowed Milwaukee to eventually pull away and win 5-3.

There are plenty of exciting events in any baseball game. You'll get few arguments from most fans, though, that homers are the best.