What are the Milwaukee Brewers doing at the corners? 3rd Base edition

Is the 2024 starter at the hot corner on the roster right now, or should the Brewers be looking elsewhere?
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The Milwaukee Brewers have questions to answer when it comes to their corner infield positions. What fans are wondering is whether those answers will come from inside or outside the current roster.

A few weeks ago, I looked at what the Brewers could do at first base. Now, it's time to look across the diamond at the hot corner, a.k.a. third base.

Currently rostered third basemen

As of today, the Milwaukee Brewers starting third baseman would likely be 2023 rookie Andruw Monasterio. And if the Brewers made other moves, whether by calling up prospects or adding free agents, it is possible that Monasterio could still win the job.

Monasterio had a decent season with the Brewers in 2023. He was called up in late May and in 92 games he slashed .259/.330/.348. That's not bad, but those numbers project more to a utility player than an every day starting third baseman.

Monasterio's fielding numbers back up that point showing that his range is below average at shortstop and third base but above average at second base, so while he may very well be the Brewers' Opening Day third baseman, he shouldn't be considered a long term option at the position.

Owen Miller was a player mentioned as a currently rostered first baseman as well and essentially the same goes for him as Monasterio, his numbers show he is probably better relied on as a backup utility man than a long term option.

Miller will likely play a handful of games at the hot corner in 2024 as he did in 2023. Last year, he played some above average defense at third base and if the Brewers were to, say, bring in a free agent known for his bat, Miller could be a late game defensive substitution, which should probably be his role.

Also on the Brewers' 40-man roster is Vinny Capra. The former Pirate played very well at the Triple-A level in 2023, slashing .289/.397/.385. Capra gets on base well but leaves something to be desired in the power department as he hit just two home runs in 262 plate appearances. Capra also had a .942 fielding percentage in his 165 AAA innings.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a couple guys on the roster, but I believe these three are best served as backup options, not starters, and with that, I believe the Opening Day starter lies off the current roster.